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Battery warning light/fuse keeps blowing.HELP
I am completely new here and have absolutely no idea!
So, Friday evening I left my driver window open slightly and the rain got in over the electric window switch.
When I started the engine the electric windows, driver and passenger weren't working, neither was the clock display or rear wiper. Up until the switch got wet everything was fine.
The battery light has also come on. But only comes on when I start the engine and put my foot on the accelerator.  

The fuse for windows/clock/wiper has blown and when I try to put a new one in that blows everytime too.
I have a friend  coming to test the battery and alternator later, but my question is could it be the blown fuse/water damage causing the battery light to be on or does it sound more like the alternator? If you have read this far thankyou for much.
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That's a strange one, wouldn't expect a soaking to make the switch short out although it is possible I guess. I'd suggest popping the switch out of the door (flat screwdriver on the side, it just clips out) & disconnecting the plug then see if the fuse still blows. If you still have the issue, it could be a damaged door loom between the a-pillar and front door either side (very common fault).

Not sure on the battery light but could be related (probably, if it happened at same time as window). Another possibility is the rear wiper motor/relay may be causing the problem, that's come up before & would make sense if you were using the rear wiper before parking, so could just be a coincidence that the window was down a bit.
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Welcome to the club. Above advice is spot on. I'd also hazard a guess that the window switch getting wet & other issues are coincidental. Likely the short is somewhere else on that fuse circuit. Probably something else has been getting wet / corroding over the longer term & the recent rain finally did for it.
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Disconnected driver side window switch, battery light went off and clock worked. Passenger side and rear wiper still didnt work then lots of smoke cane from rear wiper and car shut down.
40 amp fuse under bonnet next to battery blown. Which after investigating online is the fuse for ignition switch I THINK.
disconnected rear wiper now and got a 40 amo fuse to replace the old one. Going to connect that this afternoon to see if car will turn over or start
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I have a vague memory from some previous posts that the rear wipers can fail / go pop. Disconnect the rear wiper before trying everything out again n hopefully it'll all be good then.
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So changed the 40 fuse under the bonnet and replaced fuse 28. Disconnected both electric window switches, and rear wiper. Car started fine. But when I rev over 2000 the battery light came back on and blew fuse 28 again.
So god knows, I have someone coming later to test the battery and the alternator. They said without looking sounds like it could be a break in the circuit somewhere or the alternator over charging?
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It's certainly an odd one. Have you got a sunroof btw, as that's also on fuse 28 in a 30-fuse box? Hope you get to the bottom of it quickly.
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No sunroof in my car, when I take the blown fuse out and leave it out, the battery light doesnt come on very odd. Booked into garage next week as I have just no idea.
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That is a strange one, another good thing to check when you have weird electrical symptoms that seem to make no sense, check all your earth points (and positive battery terminal too, it's a PSA thing lol).

I had a Rover 214 years ago that suddenly wouldn't run right, dies at idle, tach erratic & said it was overheating. (It's a Rover, first thing anyone thinks is head gasket!). That was just a loose battery earth terminal. Would've made a tidy profit on that £20 car as it was pretty clean, then the gearbox shat the bed lol so it got crushed)
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