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New Member !
Hi Everyone,

I juat joined this forum, as I have have once again become an owner of a 306 !

Inhave had 2 in the past, a 1998 306 break on LPG, that I should have never sold at 477000 km !!!
After that I had a 2001 306 break that I drove for a long time, until it cracked the head at 386000 km.

Now that I am back in The Netherlands after losing my job, I bought a 306 from 1999 for 300 bucks.
It has only 167000 km on the clock, and I am sure I can drive it for many more miles. This is the first time I have a 1.8 (the other 2 where 1.6) and this one has LOTS more power !!!

I just have one issue... the central locking system. It works manually, but not with RF. I have installed a afternarket one before, which was rather easy on the 1998 model, but on this one I can‘t seem to figure out how to connect it.

I have found the unit in the dash, but this one is completely different to what I did before !!!
I found a thread on the forum, so am going to check if I can get this done.
Hope it works !

Regards, Peter
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Welcome to the club! Smile 

A 1999 phase 3 306 will have the RF (radio) controlled remote central locking rather than the earlier IR (infra red) system. I have never had to deal with an RF system so don't know much about them. I'm sure there will be quite a bit on the web though. This might help

Keep us updated on any fix or any info you find.
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Welcome, the RF ought to be a lot more reliable (not to mention longer usable range) than the IR system so first thing I would suggest is, rather than ditching the system, change the battery in the key to begin with & if that doesn't yield a result then the key might need to be resynced with the car. Not sure if there's a similar procedure to the IR ones but the foolproof way I know works is to get it on PP2000 and sync the keys there (you can also verify if the key is actually working there too, as well as it being a very useful tool if you intend running old pugs for a long time Wink )
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