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306 GTI Seats in a 2.0 16v XT
Hi the brains trust out there

This could be (and I’m ready to be told it is ?) a really dumb question, but will the seats out of a Phase 2 GTI fit in a Phase 3 5 door 2.0 16v XT.

Part of a second project car being slowly worked on through covid here in Oz......

If the back won’t, Will the front (as they are the ones that really matter......and are much better than the comfy grandpa seats in the XT).

Also OK with other ideas too. 

Thanks and I’m ready for ridicule
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Hey. The 3 door front seats are mounted to the floor and side of the car. 5 doors are mounted to the floor. So they wont fit. You may be able to do something silly to fit the just the seat and not the rails but youre still going to end up with a reclining seat in a 5 door which will look silly.

The rears also attach in different places.

What you may be able to do is just swap the fabric over, but itll be difficult to get it to fit right.
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Some 5 door higher spec models in the UK (such as the Meridian) came with quite nice half-leather seats. Any chance you could source some of those in Oz?

....e.g. as seen in this thread.

You would probably want the door cards to match as well.
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