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Relay list / headlight warning buzzer?
Hey chaps, 

I'm sure this has been asked before but I couldn't spot the thread - does anyone have the part number for the headlight warning buzzer/relay on a Phase 1? I guess it's the white one in the cabin fuse box but please correct me if I'm wrong! Does this do anything else or is it just that? 

If anyone has a diagram for the Ph1 relays that would be super; there's a gap where one maybe should be and it would be nice to know what's possibly missing!  


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Hi Betty. Are you sure it's the buzzer itself? In my experience it's normally the switch in the drivers driver's door pillar that's the cause of them not working.
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Absolutely certain - I have three Ph1 306s, two have failed buzzers. The courtesy lights work perfectly when I open either door, I replaced the switches on one of the cars when I got it recently as one was a bit crummy, and I have an old 306 with a working one so I swapped that one in and everything works as it should. It's definitely the relay. Apparently the chap at the parts place needs the Peugeot part number for it, they can't do anything with the AVV/ACP3 number and he wants me to take it in so he can see it - as it doesn't really say anything else on it (other than 12V and Bitron) I'm really not sure how that's going to help!
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Hi again. These are the relay locations for an early Ph2 XSi. Don't know how similar the phase 1 was & afraid I don't have access to the system it came from anymore. Hopefully the layout is very similar.



Here is the relevant parts schematic from Servicebox. Looks like you were right that it's the white one, part number 6555.44.


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Genius!!! That's not quite right for the Ph1s as the buzzer should be on there (at a guess this had been moved to behind the clocks by this point) but looking at the rest the code seems to be 6555 44 and my 'missing' one, position 4, is for something I don't have so all good!

Thank you Smile
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