wheel upgrade

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wheel upgrade
Hi Guys

I'm new here so go easy on me,

I have a black GTI 6 which is bog standard, I want to change the wheels to something motorsport based,

I seen the group purchase on the SL2118's a few years back but I guess that's long gone,

This car is just for taking on a Sunday drive it's not a track toy so I'm not too concerned about loss of acceleration so I was thinking of fitting 16"

from what I have read on line I need 4x108 cb 65.1 and ET15

The ET of 15 is hard found, would either of these fit and not run the arches



The Evo Corse is ET20 and the Speedline is ET10

What size tyres would suit on these,

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There have been a few threads on this over the years. They seem to suggest an ET20 would need spacers. https://www.306oc.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=3475

I expect you have done your own research but was just looking at this n if you're up for a bit of maths you can calculate for yourself what the limits are. https://www.oponeo.co.uk/blog/wheel-widt...-explained

A lot of 306 owners seem to have fitted 16" Team Dynamics wheels to their cars.
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Rotational weight is worth 4 times that of standard weight so its worth getting lighter wheels rather than heavier ones that look cool. Thats why people usually go for the team dynamics. The tyres are cheaper in 15 than 16 so if youre going to be doing track work then 15 would be the way to go. But you may need 16 to clear any bigger brakes in the future.
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Thanks Guys my head is spinning from all the Googling I've been doing,

I can't work out the correct offset for a 16 so it won't run, does anyone the offset of a standard 15" Cyclone I can calculate the right one from that,

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