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Xud9 White smoke and primer wont stay hard
Recently converted a hdi 306 to a xud9 with a t2 turbo and Bosch pump but having a few problems 
When it starts after about 10 turns there is alot of white smoke and sounds very lumpy and wont idle for more than a minute , if you keep pumping the primer it will idle no problem but still smoky,  have an inline filter instead of the housing and always seems to be air in the filter and the air bubble gets bigger until it finally cuts out , would it not bleed itself after running for a few mins or do you have to extract all the air yourself? Tried advancing pump and it didn't make a difference.. checked timing and that's all 100%
Last conversion I done just seemed to work but this one not so much ?
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have you put the TD fuel tank on instead of the hdi one?
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Have the lift pump removed from tank and done the exact same way as turbo, but yes it is a hdi tank
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Looking at it again I put the multimeter to stop solenoid and it's only getting 9.8 volts , would this mean stop solenoid not opening fully ?
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(25-04-2020, 11:08 AM)Donny165 Wrote: Looking at it again I put the multimeter to stop solenoid and it's only getting 9.8 volts , would this mean stop solenoid not opening fully ?

Normally it's either open or closed, still doesn't explain the air in the lines.

Suggests to me something isn't quite tight or there's a split. somewhere there's a source of air getting in, it would eventually bleed all the air out - once it's sucked it through the pump.

Did you see the XUD9 engine running with that pump before you did the conversion?

Also, the stop solenoid is the only electrical connection connected? Nothing else should be connected to it, that will eliminate any semi electronic advance issues.
A moments silence please, for our brothers in the NAD-zone.
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Would hope it's sorted by now, but my money would be on the vane pump being sticky hence not making transfer pressure (= retarded timing) and not sucking fuel for itself (= it's just running off what you prime into it and never fully clearing of air). Never had an issue before but this time round (XUD9TE into 'plexed petrol 206) I ended up both the pump on the engine & a spare I had both were gummed up, and even after rebuilding once I had to go back in because it still wasn't quite free enough to make transfer pressure.

I'm blaming it on veg for my pump being gummed as I left it sat a couple of years with straight sunflower in it & it turned to polymer, but the one on the engine originally I'm calling as foul modern diesel.
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