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s16 wiring
Hi all, I'm after some help. I've got 2 s16's, both came with the engines out and I'm trying to put them back together, The wiring is proving to be pretty tricky and I have lots of plugs and bits that I don't know where they go and I'm struggling to get it to run right. The airflow plug is troublesome along with some of the vacuums. I have a standard Haynes manual but that doesn't cover these 2.0 petrol engines. I've looked on line and to be honest, I don't really understand wiring diagrams so need some photos. I'm in Cornwall and have lots of time to spend on these now as I'm self-isolating, but am stuck!
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Hi Graham. Welcome along to the club. The S16 is a rare beast so owning 2. It's been a while since I've seen any UK-based members with one. We've had a recent post from a Portugese member who might be able to help out.

Alternatively, sign up for a trial with Autodata. If you cancel before a month is up it will only cost you £9.99. The wiring diagrams are much clearer on there. Spend some time getting your head round one particular part of the circuit. Once you can read one the others will be easier. If you're self-isolating you'll have plenty of time to get your head around it.

It may be worth posting some pics of the plugs you're uncertain of … someone may recognise what it is as lots of models shared similar plugs.

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Hi Graham,

I have one S16 my self. Like Mighty said, you can post up some pictures of those plugs, I could help you. Also about the ACAV vacuum hoses I have a diagram drawing somewhere on the forum.

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I don't know if this will help, I've forgot to mention.

The Haynes manual from the Citroen ZX, covers the XU10J4 S16 engine also
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diagrams and pinouts are posted in the 205gtidrivers forum, there's a thread with quite a few of the common petrol diagrams

oh, there is no 'airflow plug' if you mean AFM / MAF, these systems dont use one.

most iof rhe wiring will only fit one component and only reach so far so getting it very wrongnis quite an achievement Big Grin
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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