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E10 Petrol
It's been announced today in the news that the Gov't is thinking of making E10 the standard pump fuel in the UK. Just managed to find an ACEA document online in which PSA state all their vehicles from 2000 are compatible with E10. Nothing on which vehicles pre-2000 are compatible.

Anyone here got any further info? Cheers.

Mmm, just seen this discussion was had quite a while back on the 306gti6 forum.

Welshpug seemed to think back then that cars with nylon fuel lines should be fine, although seals might not be. Am guessing some of the rubber components in the original sender units might be vulnerable. Also wonder about fuel pressure regulators but both aren't difficult to replace, and you would expect newer versions of those parts would be compatible.
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Itll be interesting to see what happens. Im still putting lead in a beetle so probably need to work that one out first!
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