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Limp Mode - New owner

Never owned a HDI before, I used to have an XUD a long long time ago so the HDI is a bit witchcrafty for me!

I have a new buy that is stuck in limp mode. Have searched around the web but cant really find a similar issue or symptoms as mine. will start with the basics:

Car starts no issues
wont rev past 2300 (limp mode)
Runs fine otherwise - drove it 35minutes home no cutting out or hesitation
No black smoke at all

So, I haven't got PP2000 so I will probably use a generic scanner at the weekend, but the previous owner said low fuel pressure and the injector was dropping to a 0 reading when he had it plugged in. Is he right in suggesting injectors or could it be the high pressure pump?

Im told it has had new fuel pressure senors and valves and a new filter and I can see new things and piping under the bonnet so maybe he is right!

Any help would be great Smile
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best to try a filetr the check the in tank pump also not meny use the form any more so check face book
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(07-07-2019, 07:57 PM)Madmadmax Wrote: melhor para tentar um filetr a verificação na bomba do tanque também não meny usar o formulário mais então verifique o livro de rosto

try check MAF.

if the RPM stop in 2xxx rpm usually its because the MAF.
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im back with more info if some of the veteran 306 people don't mind looking. I have posted on the facebook group too and have some lines of investigation.

Code p0190 being thrown for Fuel pressure sensor circuit (using my china reader).

I pulled lift pump and that's clean, as is the tank. Pulled filter, that's clean and replaced anyway. Car starts on the button and will drive just in limp mode. Next up I went for the sensor plug (red one) and using the battery as ground and ignition on checked the three pins:

Pin 1 (green wire) - 0v
Pin 2 (white wire) - 1.3v
Pin 3 (Pink Wire) - 9.5v

From google and these forums etc Pin 1 looks to be ground, pin 2 is signal and pin 3 is feed, but 2 and 3 should be 0.5 and 5v respectively. I checked the readings at the famous yellow plug and they are the same.

Im not stuck as to what to check, im going to try and find the pins in the ecu for the above three wires to check continuity and breaks.

Any ideas on what is causing this at all?
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mmmmmm, our 306 has been "resting" for some time now, found one broken wire ( grey one ) which may have been touching earth now and again, so sorted that out and reassembled. Started engine yesterday, started straight away and the oil light went out straight away, but the engine did clatter for a bit. However after a few minuets idling , the engine will not rev, limp mode.

There is summer diesel in the tank so that may be the problem with ours, will take a sample this afternoon.

I have pp2000 and will investigate with that.

I intend to remove the solid inlet pipe from the air box to the turbo, and the plastic pipe from the turbo to the inlet manifold elbow, has the solid pipe has loads of crap inside, seem with an endoscope.

I suspect the inlet manifold to be full of crap also and suspect maybe one inlet port in the head to be a little bit blocked, as when engine running ( last summer ) and air box to solid pipe, there seem to be a "pulse" blowback??

anyways will report back in the next few days........

The main loom from the ecu to the engine experiences flexing due to engine tilt due to drive and overrun, maybe a fatiqued/broken wire in that bit, like the grey wire mentioned.

Non winter diesel can experience wax drop out due to cold weather, that blocks filters etc.. The fuel sample i will take will show this as tiny flakes in the fuel, that will recombine with fuel with heat, and looks like the "spirit" floating in the liquid recombining.......a bit like alcohol/whisky etc..

ecu pins out, try back probing the wires/terminal blocks. Dont insert a pin in the front probe way as you may expand the terminal so it will be a bad connection on the ecu pins etc......
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Fuel sampled and was ok, gave up trying to remove the turbo pipes, much tooooooo involved at this stage since engine will be coming out during the summer for a new clutch. Will clean all pipes and ports when the engine is out.

She has repaid me by now going into limp will be checking air flow sensor and main loom between ecu and engine, hopefully to find an other broken wire........

there is info on here about ecu pin out, in the threads section, contained in one of the many "extra's" listed hdi engine data but will state thread title next visit to the library......
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