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Cracked Pre-Combustion Chambers
Hi All,

Not been on here for ages! 306 had been being far too reliable to be on here to be honest (no offence intended, i just haven't needed any of you!).

Long story short it stopped being reliable in a small way (stop solenoid) and by the time I next started it (three solenoids later) I got paranoid about every odd noise and thought I'd done some terrible damage to the engine.

Head came off - no damage to the head and none to the block or cylinders. Engine looks pretty much like new in the bottom end after 160000 miles. All good so far - probably should have left well alone! Valves out and I think I've found the/an issue - all the seats are pitted and worn. Cylinder head off to the machinist to be cleaned and pressure tested which it passed but unfortunately all four pre-chambers have cracks. They also recon all the valve guides and seats need replacement but I'm not convinced on that one.

So here's the questions:

1. Is there a specification for cracks in the pre-chambers/head that can be ignored as there is with VW IDI engines or do I need to change the chambers?

2. Does anyone know where to get pre-chambers for an XUD9TE?


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iv known of people just ignore the cracks there very common. i don't think i have ever seen one not cracked i have opened up quite a lot of engines over the years. if yours are excessively cracked any engine shop (try find one that has been trading since the early 90s or 80s there isnt much modern stuff with IDI) be able to source them and fit them.
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Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the reply. I think I agree with you. I have ignored similar cracks in other engines before, and thought I had read that they were common on the XUDs but hadn't seen any myself before (first time I've had the head off one). Have collected the head from the machine shop (Price Brothers FYI) and looked at the cracks. They look like stress relief cracks and I doubt they're going to go far. I definitely doubt that the chambers are about to fall out as I was told on the phone. I have spoken to a specialist in diesel systems in the local area as well who also agrees and suggested not to worry about it. I'll get some pics up on this thread so people can see what they look like. Planning to refit the head as is after my holls and hopefully the car will be back to reliable service - other half really doesn't like my 118d!

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