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New Noise
The drivers door electric window is being a little troublesome this morning, it has been for the past week or so. I know the door loom needs attention, but this morning the drivers door electric window switch is making a clicking noise, quite a rapid one at that !!

I dont think a relay is involved with the electric window ?? but water does seem to drip into the switch area if the window is open and its wet. Hope this is all. I will remove the switch later today and have a look see and maintenance spray. 

I will report back with findings.
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at a vague guess, that clicking could be coming from the motor gears.
I've not pulled one apart so cannot be 100% about that.
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There is a relay for the window, but it's in the fusebox, not in the door. It probably is due to the door loom though, I had the same issue when I repaired (quickly bodged!) a loom and didn't fully screw the loom back into the connector, I would assume a dodgy connection from a damaged wire could cause the same issue.
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mmmmm, that me be the quiet "buzzing" i can hear when the ign is on ( is starts buzzing ( more a higher pitched squeeeek like a capacitor failing ) just after i turn the ign on the tank pumps starts, and stops as the tank pump stops ) and engine running ?
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