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alternator brushes
Ph3 306 estate hdi 2000, anyone know where i can get alternator brushes from ??
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You'll need to check whether yours is Bosch or Valeo, or even an aftermarket one.
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Cheers tom happy new year. Car will be off road next week for some work ( welding ) so will chack then. The system seems fine charging wise at the moment but alternator is quite old now so a wise precaution to have brushes "in stock" so ready for fitting as and when.
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I always thought an alternator was an exchange item
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Waste of money, time and energy replacing brushes tbh, if the brushes are about to fail, the regulator is about to fail also and the commutator will be heavily worn... You'd be better spending your money on a replacement alternator, by the time you've replaced the brushes and regulator plus your time doing it, you could have just bought a new one, fitted it and forgotten about it.
(16-05-2016, 10:45 AM)Toms306 Wrote: Oh I don't care about the stripped threads lol, that's easily solved by hammering the bolt in. Wink
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Id disagree with that, regs dont wear, slip rinrings and brushes do.

cost me £30 to get both replaced by a local guy, a replacement unit would have been £150 for my bmw.

most slip rings and brush kits are under a tenner, some are more tricky to sort than others, theres loads of really good vids on youtue about rebuilding them.

valeo and Mitsubishi are the most common units on the 306.

bosch do supply parts and units but the core casing is the 2 brands mentioned
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Thanks, i would rather spend £10 on brushes as a "spec" or chance, or just to replace them when worn rather than 150 on a new alternator, we need to repair stuff rather than just replace units, if we can. Think of the planet. My wallet is not big hence that's why i drive an 18 year old car. My time is worthless according to some, its very valuable to me.

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