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306 XND to D-turbo track car project
I put a post in the newbie area a few months ago explaining the project but unfortunately not much has happened to the 306 since then due to the purchase of a 106 1.5D for £100!!!!
Anyway the 106 went through its mot on the 21st so with that on the road for me to learn to drive in I can now concentrate on the 306 build and as I have a daily driver I can make the 306 into a track car or at least that's the plan  Rofl

This is as far as ive gotten so far with the 306.
So this is how the car looked when I bought it in June 2018
This is what it looked like inside the day after i bought it
Couldn't help myself and took the front seats out and gave it a deep clean inside
That weekend me and a mate stripped the front end down to do a bit of welding  Dodgy
Found a few spots that needed some work  Rofl
This was also some of my first welding hence why it wasn't that pretty Itwasntme
Had to make my own brackets to hold the wiring harness in the wing on both sides
Bit of red oxide primer and under seal for rust prevention.
This the donor vehicle for the build (1999 306 D-turbo) that was bought a few years ago by a family member to used as a filed car 
but hasn't been abused a grate deal but had the whole front tow hook pulled out and some body damage so wasn't worth repairing  
Might have also had a little play with the pump and did a back box delete for fun Itwasntme
Stripped the car of its engine, gear box, front suspension, sub frame and rack, rear beam, wheels, front seats, few body panels
and some other bits before the shell went of to scarp   Sad
Back to the XND 306
I got a phase 3 front bumper for it and some side skirts 
Fitted the wheels that came off the donor that found there way on to the 106 a few weeks late
Updated the rear end with the parts from the D-turbo and fitted the back box delete pipe for a laugh, didn't sound that bad for a nad
Head light masks got a quick paint
Front end is a little bent up so had a go at straightening it out before fitting the front end back together but will need some more work at some point to get the front to fit a bit better

So this how the 306 sits at the moment but with lots of rust repairs to do on the rear I cant see me having the new engine in it till summer
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