RWD XUD9 Jimny Based Drift Buggy Lashup...

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RWD XUD9 Jimny Based Drift Buggy Lashup...
Evening peeps.
New (long time coming) project is a RWD only Jimny with a XUD9 Transplant. Already got most of the bits I think. Just need to lash it all together and hope it works. 
Was thoroughly inspired by XUD Missile's MK Indy build and this made me go out and buy random XUD related bits  Rolleyes  

I would like a UTV / SxS tube buggy thing but we live in England, it rains half the time, and I like having doors to lock and I don't have £10k lying around. 
So after finding a random video of a suzuki Jimny with a SR20? something Jap engine transplant drifting around I got on ebay and went and bought an old Jimny. 

Current pile of bits includes a XUD9 lump, and LDV Pilot gearbox, an Hdi Flywheel, a butchered Grand Vitara IFS wishbones and rack and a Bosch pump and related bits. Spool/Locking diff on the cards as an LSD for a Jimny is about £1million dollars.
Have managed to buy a complete Non turbo LDV setup which gives me a steel sump and engine mounts designed for RWD fitment. 

Hoping to run 130-140HP if possible. The Jimny is fairly light at 1085kg give or take. I'll be ditching the front axle and related 4x4 crap and hopefully making a tube front for it. 

I will have engine setup type questions and also would love to here from anyone who know about clutch setups on RWD XUD's I've read what I can from XUDmissiles thread but not exactly sure what to go for. 

Fabrication not too big an issue, but clutch / gearbox spacing would rather just buy bits and bash it together than re-inventing stuff.  
Mainly going to be cracking into this next month, got to try to get it turned around reasonably fast if I can.. famous last words. 
Any comments welcome as are useful info/bits I might need etc.!

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This sounds awesome.
                                             [Image: 2ljm03k.jpg]

                                                                                      I Don't Have A 306.
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Yea, this has the makings of a great project thread!
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Good luck! I think like a lot of people thought it was a jimmy not a jimny. Only realised about 8 years ago
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Awesome Big Grin Big GrinBig Grin
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Cheers All.
Hoping to really crack into this through December.. Currently just have random buckets of parts spread about the place. Hoping to get the engine built up before starting to cut the Jimny front up or I'll be doing everything at once. I managed to get a complete LDV pilot box and non turbo lump, so have RWD layout engine mounts and sump to go one. The engine mounts brace to the gearbox bellhousing lower half. Absolute monsters, still at least that bit wont break!
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Well the parts list is slowly getting bits crossed off of it! 
Wanted to source all the awkward bits before starting and I'm glad I did. 
The Spigot bearing for the gearbox was a no go with DAF until I found the part number (in one of XUDmissiles youtube videos!). 
Clutch I was about to order from Clutch Specialist but after reading a few horror stories and talking to 2 totally uninterested people on the phone at 'CS' I decided to go with a SACHS Ford Galaxy friction plate - 228mm, correct 23 spline and rated for a 140bhp 'SUV' full of prams and kids, should be decent for a starting point for me.
Pilot Clutch release bearings - discontinued by DAF, although the R380 box is the same as a Landrover the fork/end/bellhousing length etc isnt. 
Turns out after much googling the same part was used in 2wd Rover V8's - Triumph Stags and such, and late 90's ish TVR's - TVR heritage turns out the cheapest place to get a clutch release bearing, original quality with a flat face as well. Turned up in a posh TVR box.. Mrs thought I'd bought and hidden a TVR   Dodgy 
Random LDV master cylinder, slave cylinder bits all arrived. 
Bought a full set of Astra G (Mk4?) Coilover type suspension - the Grand Vitara Hubs I'm using have very wide mounting points for the damper, so bought these as Id rather make spacer to fit than try to machine the hub mounts thinner! The weight should be about right at the front, with the tube front, box section framing for suspension etc. 

Have made a start on cleaning and painting parts to build up the engine and box, also got a wheelbarrow full of rusty front suspension to wire brush and paint. Would rather paint stuff now than have to build and dissemble everything a load of times..

Also found that the RWD steel Pilot sump I'm going to use has a neat baffle / hatch in it to allow oil backward under acceleration but not forwards under braking. Simple but neat at the same time.

EDIT; Is there an easy way to reduce picture size these are a bit fecking big?!
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Well, I've finally found time to make a start on the engine. Stripped most parts off just so I can wash the years of gungy oily crap off of it. 
New glow plugs, swapped injectors and pump for Bosch. Trimmed what would be the OS engine mount (in a 306) as I won't need it and tapped out the side block holes for the RWD mounts as they were filled with crud. New gaskets etc where needed. 

Couldn't even tell the head was ally there was so much black gunk on everything. 

Bosch pump is fitted - A question for the masses. Lucas pump that was removed span easily by hand even just holding the spindle. Bosch pump only turn if I put a ratchet on it an even then it turns a 1/3rd at a time, it feels pretty stiff inside. Should I be worried??! Pump has sat for about 6-9 months so could be quite dry inside. 

Need to find a couple of now obsolete LDV parts for the gearbox annoyingly next!
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completely normal for a Bosch pump you should just about be able to turn it by hand if you really put for back into it!
will turn easily for a some of the rotation then get tight as the rollers start to push against the cam plate
i wouldn't worry about it being sat a while we started a old daihatsu diesel that was sat in a field for about 15 years, some diesel in a can with a pipe to the pump and battery and off she went!
the way you have cut that mount will you not have the belt exposed once you put the cover back on ?
this is the way i did it in my vitara. the original plastic one got lost
[Image: 20180815_172613.jpg]
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Thumbs Up 
Ah that's good to know cheers. Cool Just thought it might have gummed up inside from being sat around. 

I haven't got a belt cover plastic set. Got bits and pieces from each engine but all have been broken/snapped. Probably going to run with the belt uncovered as this things pretty much on road only and belts right at the front so easy to see/access. 
Will see if I can cobble a set of plastics together..
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if you were a bit more local i would say come have a rummage though my xud boxes about 4-5 engines worth of bits knocking around in there, i don't think you could be any further away if you tried. if i come across a good set ill let you know, cover the postage and ill send it down to you.
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Hi Jamie182, I have the top of a plastic set but not the centre 'big' section. Probably wouldn't hurt to have it fitted to save crap getting in there. Also could do with a rocker cover to oil filler tube breather pipe (or at least the top half of a good one to cut and fit on the rocker cover end as mine's split) and a fuel filter inlet pipe and fitting, the hole on the fuel filter on the lower right if you look at the engine as fitted in a 306. Happy to pay money and postage don't want all that for free! All little random bits that are needed.  

Ran into a clutch problem - was reliably informed by the internet a ford galaxy clutch plate would be correct spline and size for the Hdi pressure plate and box. Bought one. Turns out that although it 'fits' that when you tighten the pressure plate the fingers end up touching the end of the centre splined fitting!! So that'll be going back. 
So went for Plan B - Clutch Specialists Dual Friction Clutch, made to order. Organic material on flywheel side, paddle style kevlar on gearbox side. Rated for up to 40% power increas from standard and not as bitey as a full paddle clutch. Looks bloody good, and turned up within 24hrs! Previous phone calls to C/Spec didn't go very well but this time managed to talk to someone who asked all the right questions so I was happy to order. 


Cut down the RH pilot engine mount as it didn't allow for the turbo oil feed. B@stard to cut as its all at crazy angles and about 8mm thick. But done and both mounts on, pilot sump on, and Xantia inlet on for future FMIC fitting.  

Everything has been stacked in a corner for the moment till I can get some time on the Jimny!
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Awesome thread so far! Looking forward to more updates.
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might have some of them bits ill have a look and let you know. i wouldn't get your hopes up for the breather they split all the time. so may not have a good one
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