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Spring height
So i bought a pair of lowering springs ages ago no idea how much they should lower by but ive took the passenger side leg off and removed the original spring today
When they are side by side on the bench(uncompressed) the original spring is nearly 145mm taller? anyone any idea how much these will lower the car by? The back is about 35mm so aiming for the same at the front
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I find that on my 306 with the Eibach 30mm it sits higher on one side also, so would be interested to hear an answer to this too.
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The length of the spring isn't the only factor to consider - the strength / characteristics of the spring material is also important.   i.e. unless you know which springs they are and how much they claim to lower the car then it will be difficult to tell before you fit them!
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As above, you can't tell without fitting unless you can somehow identify the spring and Google it. If it's a higher rated spring (which lowering springs often are) then it will have less sag than the original under load.
306 HDi Deathtrap - 130bhp / 220lbft

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