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Fan Relay Meltdown
On the way home tonight the STOP light flickered on, then came on permanently. Pulled the car over n realised fans were kicking in despite coolant temp at about 80 degrees.  The dreaded 306 fan relay meltdown strikes again!  Have a replacement relay but just put new holder on order as suspect old one is shot.  Naturally this comes in a week when I really need the car Sad

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A bit of further info anyone who has air con & dual fans. There are 3 relays in the box between the fans. As you look at it the right hand one is the relay for the left fan, the left hand one is the relay for the right hand fan and the middle one is the change over relay.

If, like me, the relay on the left melts (right fan), just pull it out as a temporary measure. Both fans will still cut in at 97 degrees and run at low speed. If the engine gets to 107 degrees though only the left hand fan will run at full speed.  (Prob not a problem for me as there no longer a condenser limiting air flow to the radiator).

Any time the fans run power flows through the left fan & changeover relays so these always need to be in a good state.
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here are the drawings for the GTI6 twin fans assembly with aircon



as wired


Lowspeed Fans path


High speed Fans path
GTI6 Info

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Cheers Paul.  It's useful to have those.  I don't suppose you have easy access to the drawings / fan paths for the non-AC setup? Smile
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