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Fog lights, new bulb
Change fog light bulb .  Oh really? They just "pop out". It's simple to take the bumber off isn't it? When you insert screwwdeiver or scraper blade. They don't mention wrecking bar, cold chisel,  Manchester screwdriver, lump hammer, 180  part laser engraved socket set (Made in N.Korea) It easy to take bumper off (8 cans of DW 40). 18 hours of browsing internet. 6 hours of kneeling in front or behind Goddees Pug. And still not managing to pop it out.. Now I am just sitting in the casualty dept of the hospital with no skin on my knuckes being treated for lockjaw, lassa fever and ebola. I took a 100 mph drive down the motorway in the hope they would just fall off.   I am due in court on Monday for sentencing to discover if I should be spending years in Broadmoor for running down the road shoutinng "Gerrem off.  They just "pop out?.
So how does it go? I need release from my msery. Angry Huh
If it can break it will. Matter over mind will fix it. Idea
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