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Strut Top Brands
Morning All,

Hit a pothole not long ago. Now when I am turning the steering it makes a clicking noise (I'm pretty sure it's the top mount)

Out of this list, what brand would people go with? I'd swing towards KYB because of the price. I know SKF probably are the best quality however.

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I bought a Febi one a while back.  Threads were poor and stripped out before torque value even reached.  Personally, after that experience I'd get a genuine Peugeot one - and buy some SKF bearings separately from!T.html. (GSF or ECP will probably do them too).
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genuine pug or febi bilstein are what i used when i replaced all the suspension parts.
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I would have said Febi Bilstein... Wondering if there are fakes as I found threads ruined very quickly
Wishes for more power...
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Do the strut top mounts actually wear though? Of all the 306 struts I've stripped down, all have been fine being thrown back together with new bearings.
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