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Stage 1 XUD, overheating a bit?
OK now a bit of an update. I finally had an opportunity to test (rag ;d) the car properly. It was in similar weather on a similar hill with a similar amount of weight in the car. Now it only goes to about 97 *C after which the fans go from low to high speed and bring the temp down rapidly.

Now with the cooling issues seemingly sorted I started having some nagging thoughts in my mind which would not give me peace. These thoughts seeming consisted of sticking a 4 mill allen key in the Lucas and turning a certain screw inside even more in a clockwise direction.   Rofl 

Unable to resist, I did it today. The surprising result, no increase in boost pressure although the turbo seems to boost up slightly faster than before. There is definite increase in fueling I can just feel it and see it by the amount of off boost smoke. 

Now is it possible that even with the waste gate arm on the k03 fully winded I can only boost to 19 psi despite the increase in fueling?

I started to look for boost leaks though nothing obvious. The D seal looks fine, no broken hoses or clamps, the turbo seems fine, only minimal amount of oil in the inter cooler, more like a slight oil film the coats the inside of it.
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Stage 1 XUD, overheating a bit? - by johnny625 - 06-06-2018, 08:49 PM
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