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Stage 1 XUD, overheating a bit?
Thank you to all for your suggestions.

It appears that I have solved at least part of the overheating problem. It all started when I noticed that the temp dial went up slightly when I turned on the headlights. Similarly turning any accessories on pushed the temp even higher unreasonably fast like in two secs.

I assumed that there is no way that the engine temp will rise so quickly with the engine idling. I thought that this must be something electrical in nature, possibly a grounding issue.

So I took the negative terminal cable of the battery and of the chassis leg and the gearbox. I gave it a good clean and added some solder to the terminals just to be sure. On top of this I added additional ground wires to the strut turret and to the thermostat housing near the blue temp gauge sensor.

The result is the engine temp seems to be lower now and it does not rise with any accessories being turned on. I still haven't booted the car properly (in hot weather, up a hill with the ac on) but I have a feeling that the temps will be lower now.
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Stage 1 XUD, overheating a bit? - by johnny625 - 06-06-2018, 08:49 PM
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