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manual window winder rattle, help!

I have discovered a rattle in both doors of my Rallye and have come to the conclusion it is the window winders after having the door cards off for a look and a prod. Only thing i managed to find online about it was someone who sprayed white lithium into the mechanism and it sorted it for him, so drowned it in lithium but it still rattles. One thing i have noticed is that it gets quieter as the window gets lower and stops when the window is all the way down. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this rattle?
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I had this happen in my Rallye. I found out it was the mechanism/ spring that makes the winder easier to wind up.

I just removed it and it stopped completely. The windows aren't that hard to roll up and even easier to roll down without it.

But if you don't want to remove it I wouldn't have a clue where to start, maybe some foam stuck to the inside of the door to stop the mechanism/ spring hitting the metal of the door?

It'll be quieter when the windows down because that's when the mechanism/ spring is compressed, when the window's up the spring 'relaxes' and becomes floppier.
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Could also be the rubber grommet that fixes the glass to the clip on the winder mechanism. This perishes allowing the window to rattle around.

With the window wound partially down does the glass feel firmly fixed to the winder mechanism? Or if you grab the glass and try to lift it can you feel a fair degree of movement?
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Thanks turns out it was that spring and i have just removed them from both doors, much better. Big Grin
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