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Essex Meets : Run up to Pugfest
Meets will take place on the following dates, all from 7pm at the usual place

The Grange in Boreham, just off the A12 London bound (opposite side of the A12 to the McDonalds)

There tend to be a couple of people there early, but we try to park at the very start of the car park, just as you go through the barriers (on the right).

We tend to be in the car park from 7-8.30ish and then into the pub, with some possibly having dinner. You'll find us standing by the cars or cuddled up at the bar.

Wednesday 7 February
Wednesday 7 March
Wednesday 4 April
Wednesday 2 May
Wednesday 6 June

July meet will be at Pugfest, Sat 30 June - Sun 01 July

Any issues then contact me, thanks, Michael

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Remind for the Essex meet tonight, for anyone in the area

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Thank you to those that were able to make last night's meet, was a very cold evening and I know a few had to work late and couldn't make it.
See you all next month

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Reminder for the Essex meet tomorrow night, for anyone in the area

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Thanks very much to the guys that did make it, lots of local road accidents and closures meant only half the people could actually get to the meet, while a few others were still catching up with work.
Clocks go forward end of the mk to, so we should start to get some better light at the meets soon.
Catch you all next month.

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Don’t forget. Monthly meet tomorrow evening from 7pm at ‘The Grange’ in Boreham, just off the A12

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Reminder for tomorrow nights meet.
7pm onwards at The Grange

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Reminder for Wednesday nights meet.
7pm onwards at The Grange

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Thanks to all of those that made it, was a really good turnout this month. Nice to see Pete Matthews again at one of our meets, slowly becoming a regular!

We had 7 x 205s, each of them with a different engine style.
2 x 306s and a 206. Plus a couple of other lads in non-pugs.

Spent most of the evening out by the cars having a chat, with at least 3 new faces coming along. Dale and his very clean 205 GTI that's been hiding away for a long time. Barney in his 205 and Ryan in his 206. Always good to see the classic 205 out but nice to see something slightly newer in Ryan's 206, which looks great already and has some nice modifications already.

Will try to get some photos up, although they are already on our instagram page

*Instagram* Follow us @ PSCukEssexGroup

Only a handful of photos, my photobucket is playing up so not sure if these can be seen or not

[Image: 36EB7561-2F47-46EA-811C-1ECB1D22D90C.jpg]

[Image: 63445271-EEDA-44B9-99BB-D884BE4F527D.jpg]

[Image: F7DC6491-34B1-4CF9-81FF-51B2E685CE16.jpg]

[Image: 431E1271-3B77-440C-87C5-F26A1D2FBD9C.jpg]

[Image: DE956391-6E15-42E5-BA70-7F1B0038EEFD.jpg]

[Image: 608E37FC-AFA4-44C7-A733-DAFEC941DF01.jpg]

[Image: ACEC8DA8-35D2-472E-869D-C27D9ED71E21.jpg]

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Morning All.

Only a few days now until we get going. I'll be leaving home (Chelmsford) at 8am on Saturday, will be heading to the first meeting point.

1st Meet.
Shell Petrol Garage, bottom of the A12 on the junction with the M25 (Postcode CM14 5NA) 8.15am for an 8.30am departure

Am hoping to meet the following there.


If there is anyone on here going up Saturday, and doing a similar route (Essex>M25>Oxford>Cheltenham) then please let me know if you want to join us. We'll be going for lunch in the Cotswolds on the way there and taking a more scenic route from Oxford rather than just Motorways etc

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