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Airbag light on, other lights not coming on
Only posting this thread as the other airbag light threads and Google searches don't seem to flag up my problem?!
Bought my pug 3 months ago and the only thing that was illminated was the clock and temperature meter in centre console, after a month that was illminated, not the issue .. 3 days ago the driving at night the airbag light came on and stayed on, the headlight light/warning  went off and doesn' even iluminate when I have full beams, only fog light warning comes on when I switch them on. 

Peugeot 306 2001 meridian 1.4

Main worry is to why airbag light comes on, it comes on after about 5 mins into journeys and stays on until I switch it off
Any one had this before? Most threads I've seen people have changed their seats or something interior wise and thats when this problem arises 
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