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Upper Steering Column
There's play in the upper steering column on both of the cars I have on the road. It's not really bad yet but a bit annoying.

Have read this thread on the GTi6 forum so may try fitting new top bearings.

Failing that, anyone know where I could source one that's not going to break the bank? Peugeot ones cost a fortune!
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I was taking a guess at what to buy so no idea if the one in the link will work just seems the dimensions seem correct. I imagine the needle bearings will be a bugger to fit. I broke the bearing cage removing it.
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Ahh, it was your thread!! Thanks for letting me know. Definitely not so straightforward then.  Dodgy  I did also wonder how you would deal with any wear on the surfaces the bearings run on. At some point I might get hold of a column from a breakers n strip it down to make my own assessment of what can be done. Will post up here if I ever do.
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