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Track Experience
(29-09-2017, 06:38 PM)Eeyore Wrote: Ive done thruxton in the cayman, ferrari and gallardo. Then went out with Tiff also... he got past me as well! D:

To be honest if you can get a gti6 and put some decent tyres and pads in it then you can go and have some fun on track yourself. There are some full day track days at snetterton etc for only £75 at the moment which is a bargain!

Cheers Eeyore, I'm sure you're right that that's a good routes to a lot of on-track fun.  Finding a good gti-6 seems like a bit of a mission these days and I'm not sure I've got the will to travel half-way across the country to look at what might turn out to be tappers.  Not only that, I'm not sure I can justify buying yet another 306.  The girlfriend would certainly roll her eyes and take the piss mercilessly!!!

(29-09-2017, 06:44 PM)cully Wrote: best driving experiance i have done is half adays tuition on a skid pan in an old betean up  ford sierra  i would pay to do that again!

Now that sounds like fun!  It's a shame the Track Experiences seem to focus on selling drives in prestige models of car.  It would be great if they did more extended tuition but in more standard, but a bit sporty, models of car.  If they put you in something that was 5 years old and only worth £8k they could let you drive it close to its limit without anyone worrying so much about you damaging it.

I got mildly criticised yesterday for going too fast in to the corners in the Cayman, but to me it didn't feel fast at all.  I could feel there was sooooo much grip left!!  I guess they have to protect what is a significant investment and I would have felt bad if I'd wrecked £50k's worth of car.  It does take the edge off the excitement though.

Someone did crash one of the Formula Renault's yesterday btw.  It was being towed off when I was doing laps in the Cayman!
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