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Track Experience
So there seem to be two types. The first is proper days like thruxton. The second is the stuff you usually find on groupon where they rent an airfield and then all the cars are privately owned and you do like a 10 meters in each one not going over 3k... Id definitely recommend thruxton!

The ex got me a rally groupon experience and not going to lie as soon as I heard about it I knew it was going to be lame and when we got there we were unimpressed, spoke to others and turned out we had paid 300% more than other people and it was a nightmare. I got a few laps in but the cars were so trashed and the course so bumpy and rutty that you couldnt actually put much effort into it... The worst part was getting into a brand new rally suzuki swift with this young "pro" driver who strapped me in with only 4 of the 6 point harness because i was the last person of the day and it was only a few minutes...
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