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Anyone near southampton?
Hi All,

Standard 306oc issue. The flags and banners were being brought to pugfest by a member who is no longer coming. Is anyone who is coming to pugfest near enough to north east southampton to offer to collect them sometime this week and bring them to the show?

Following the show sam bates will bring them back and they will live with me, sam and bash as at least one of us is always at club events. We have considered posting them but would rather not spend club money on that and get something like a new gazebo instead Smile

If anyone can help please reply or PM me. 

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If not I could collect and ship. Should be going there tomorrow or Thursday.

Not sure when puffers is, so sorry if this does not help.
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Ship as in post? We have considered this but don't want to spend club funds on posting them
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Then don't. I said I will ship them.

Chances are they are going to be in a box, so won't be difficult. I doubt they will be a pallet size so won't be expensive.
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Okay sounds like a good offer Smile Ill PM you.
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