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crushed my S16 before i even produced my V5
So had an introduction to a dry stone wall the other day. Smashed my cyclone and ripped my driveshaft out of the engibe and left it in 3 pieces on the road. Anyway I got recovered and dropped it at the scrapper at 10pm.  I rang them the next day, and stated that I wanted to take the three good cyclones off as well as my sparco steering wheel boss, a brand new door seal and the S16 rocker cover which I was gonna powder coat and hang in my shed. They said no problem and when I took the V5  in, they would give me some money for it. I went this afternoon to take said bits off car and they said it was "gone"!

"Gone where" I asked. 

"Crushers, loaded it last night" they replied. 

So I ring the crushers, hoping and praying they haven't crushed it yet. 

Sadly, they crushed it this morning. 

Furious at this point, but kept my cool. 

My question is, was it legal for them to crush my car when I didnt sign the V5 over to them?

 so technically I still own a nice sigma blue metal cube somewhere in Nottingham
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you may have a case. but it may be difficult if call not recorded etc.
any legal beavers here?
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According to .gov website:

"Scrap your vehicle and keep parts from it

You can take parts from your vehicle before you scrap it so you can use them to repair another vehicle.

Tell DVLA the vehicle is off the road while you’re taking parts from it. It must be kept off the road, eg in a garage, on a drive or on private land.

Apply to take the registration number off the vehicle if you want to keep it.

Scrap your vehicle at an ATF when you’ve finished taking parts from it. The ATF can charge a fee if you’ve removed essential parts, eg the engine, gearbox, bodywork or wheels.

Give the ATF the vehicle log book (V5C), but keep the yellow slip (V5C/3) from it.

Tell DVLA you’ve taken your vehicle to an ATF."
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Bona fide motor traders need no v5 when bringing an end of life vehicle to a scrappers/dismantlers. It was them who dropped it off and not you.
So unfortunately, yes, it is legal.
Shit for you and almost not worth wasting time over.
If it was me I would ask you speak to the person who said you could remove what you wanted from it and ask them a few questions. Don't expect too much but you may get somewhere /something.
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Well thats really unfortunate :/ I would definitely complain!
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I'm gutted u
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As Danny says you don't need a V5 for it to be cubed. Only if you want a COD.

I've considered the question of theft or criminal damage but legally it wouldn't be covered by either. I can explain full definitions but it would bore you.

Civilly there might be a case but proving one persons word against the others is impossible if it's not recorded.

Your best bet would be making out that your unhappy and asking for a bit extra to compensate for your loss. Obviously that loss is £30 for 3 cyclones, £30 for a second hand steering wheel with boss and an engine cover of sentimental value only. Plus the weight of the car at whatever your getting per tonne. I'd take whatever extra they offer you knowing that you are never going to get more from a court.
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I have a boss if you need 1
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Sucks that we've lost another S16
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