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friday......friday ???
fri;  work
sat; cv on a mazda

sun;  car boot, clean cars, play in man cave
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Friday - Work

Saturday - Visit family

Sunday - Rebuild beam, possibly repair rust on jacking point.
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Friday: work
Sat: Pick car trailer
Sun: prep car/trailer, load
Mon: Trackday
GTI6 Info

Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.

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Friday - Day off! Spent the day sorting the wife's mini (tracking was out 20mm and has scrubbed a bare of tyres in less than 2 months following track rod end replacement...) then at school.with my daughter for a father's day thing, then picked her up.later, then bend up a load of pipe and made a hard fuel pipe set up.for the buggy.

[Image: IMG_20170616_184247_zps7bp6qai3.jpg]

Sat - Gym, haircut, then buggy driving. All day.

Sunday - buggy driving and bbq
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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friday- jet wash engine bay then fix rustey bulkhead then PUB!

saturday - continue with fixing rust

sunday - more rust?
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today, finish work. collapse in arm-chair. + cold drink
Sat, bonnet swap/bumpers off. then bbq next door.
sun, drop car off to paint shop, visit father.
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
Hate Housework!
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friday: work then price up brothers new 306

Saturday: work then probably do 306

Sunday: day out with my boy i reckon
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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