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hello Friday where have you been ???
fri;  work

sat; new air filter in the 306

sun; fix petrol lawnmower if parts have arrived
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today, work.
tomoz, boiler fix+service
sun visit pop.
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
Hate Housework!
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Fri: work, then Chinese tonight with friends and family (10 of us in all!!)

Sat: work, then round sum friend's for a meal and board games!

Sun: nipping into Nottingham to pay off the holiday, and I'm sure the mrs will find sum shopping to do
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Friday: work until 1, drop some bits off I've made over the last few evenings then work again to do a damage assessment from a high speed wheel bearing failure on a bini challenge car 

Saturday: working all day to get a customers gti6 moved along a bit since I've had it nearly a month now lol 

Sunday: sort the unit out
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