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only me noticed its friday ?????
fri;  work

sat; mot a c1

sun; weather dependant ???  car boot if its nice/bed if its not !
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Fri - plane to Dublin for another stag do with a load of navy boys. Drink

Sat - Drink

Sun - fly home and die
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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Friday: work finishing off some bits for demon tweeks then over to the unit for a couple of hours to finish off a generator frame I'm making. Have a night where I'm home before 10 for the first time this week 

Saturday: workshop all day to make some progress on a customers car 

Sunday: supporting the Mrs running her first marathon
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'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
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Fri 12hour shift, same sat, same sun fml every post in these threads
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