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friday !!
fri; work

sat; mot a car

sun; car boot,wash cars & avoid a family christening
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fri - work and meeting with the RYA at the sailing club. Followed by another sailing meeting in the evening
sat - teaching sailing to kids, teaching sailing to adults in catamarans, finishing off the c5!
sun - 15 mile classic vehicle road run.... IN THE SINCLAIR C5.

it was nice knowing you all...
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Fri: Work, do more 306 stuff

Sat: Work, do some 306 stuff, relax

Sun: 4x4 day near telford, home and relax ready for monday
[Image: 17b33c2a-8471-4313-992e-0a4b324cf926_zps2e63812a.jpg]
Team Cyril
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Friday: finished off a week doing a site welding job, rush over to the unit to quickly fix some wiring on the trailer then transport the bini down to Snetterton for britcar endurance tomorrow. Try and catch up with some sleep on the way down as I have a fair bit of work to do on the car tonight since the head only went back on the engine this morning 

Saturday: race day at Snetterton, lots of worrying about the freshly repaired engine, pack up and drive the 5 hours home. 

Sunday: well deserved lie in, probably have to mow the lawn and other exciting things
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
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Friday: dont some work
Saturday: do more work
Sunday: family day/ felixtowe classic car run
Monday: (im off) working on getting the kingfisher ready for the mot. finishing the little bit of welding bumper back on, cleaning the rear brakes up.
On a break from 306oc for personal reasons. If anyone needs or wants me most of you have my number and or facebook messenger
Thanks for the good times guys n gals. I might be back. Who knows.
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Friday - half day at work, leg it home, leg it to the airport, get on plane to Malaga.....

Saturday, sleep off hangover by pool after getting in at 4am

Sunday, much likely the same....

Not a bad place to do it.....

[Image: IMG_20170506_105819_zpsiolermlr.jpg]

28°c too today
Cherry Red Rallye - Full on OEM resto.....
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