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friday......friday ???
fri;  work

sat;  mot her dads van

sun; a car boot sale..and off work on Monday Rofl
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Friday... Restoring a Sinclair c5.
Saturday... Collecting a second Sinclair c5
Sunday... Pugrun if the weather isn't complete balls.
Monday... Restoring two Sinclair c5s.
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Friday: half day at work, currently on the way to Manchester for the weekend 

Saturday: no work or driving to worry about,, visit a few pubs 

Sunday: another morning away, head back to Hereford in the afternoon to deal with everything that people want since I was off for a day 

Monday: pre race spanner check on the bini ready for Snetterton next weekend
Current stable
'09 Mercedes E320cdi wagon 
'99 306 gti6
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Have been into the city for the morning - missus and the nipper & gnasher, then worked for 4 hours (2 with Mother in law - it was ok - she laughed a bit (always good)), came home - missus in a mood - couldn´t get car insurance sorted for the Meridian - need it for the Spanish MOT on Tuesday - public holiday on Monday - not going to be sorted for Tuesday (am cancelling MOT time for Tuesday as you read.....)
Life is generally very good tho
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Fri work 6am-6pm, sat repeat, sun repeat, mon, repeat etc
[Image: 22f2b6b2-758b-4c1c-96fb-6fa9c6059b13_zpsf306b56b.jpg]
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