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fridays here again !!!
fri;   last day of week off...

sat;  mot my galaxy

sun;  clean & pamper said car if all goes well
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Fri: work til 5

Sat: busy one! got a frontera to weigh in as early as possible, pickup some parts for the saxo track car project, take the megane for MOT and deliver a motorbike locally all before 11 if possible then head to christening party at 12 lol

Sun: Little un's 3rd birthday so probably going to be up half the night decorating the house and wrapping presents. then got the village hall booked for her party at midday with soft play etc.
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Friday - Work until 4ish, taking missus away for night in a nice hotel locally.

Saturday - Take kids out somewhere for a walk. Food shop and shiz.

Sunday - Take kids to watch Boss Baby. Out for dinner with family for me ma's birthday.
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Friday... Restoring the Sinclair c5... Off to Norwich for a Nero gig
Saturday... Recovering and painting a portacabin
Sunday... Moving boats
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Friday : work until 1, let the plumber into the house to fix a leaking toilet then workshop for the rest of the day : fit new thermostat housing on the mini (cracked during an endurance race at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago) finish chopping sections off the dturbo breaker then finish wiring in the spotlights I put on the van providing my switch has arrived 

Saturday: early start to give Matt a hand loading his frontera scrap, then give my sister a hand to move her mini to the bodyshop, hopefully have some time to work on the gti, oh and order some steel and design a trolley for a generator 

Sunday: finish doing what I forgot to do on Saturday lol
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Spent today in the sun in Majorca
Tomrrow fly home

Sunday wash the audi then layer up some wax and sealant

Monday back to work
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fri; sat at work till 23:00

sat; sat at work till 23:00

sun; sat at work till 23:00
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