Rear beam ...the good and the bad

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Rear beam ...the good and the bad
I did notice this when it arrived with me, i have spoken to my supplier on this issue. I did check the depth wouldnt cause a issue by measuring it against the trailing arm shaft and where the bearing would sit i do not believe it will cause any issues.

Looks great btw! credit where its due.
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Axle rebuilds please contact me for your needs.
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Nice of you to say Stef.  If you were to see it up close then you'd probably be less complimentary about the finish!  It'll do for me though.  Many thanks again for yours and everyone else's advice along the way btw.  It's been very much appreciated.
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Have dropped the beam from the red XSi now.  It looked even more corrosion-ridden than the last one.



Decided to start stripping it down just to see what state it was in.  Took less than an hour to get the ARB out and the left hand torsion bar/swing arm off, which was surprising.  Definitely easier once you know what you're doing.  Was very surprised to find LH axle shaft was in perfect condition.  (Not a v good pic as was dark by that time).


As with the last beam though, the RH torsion bar won't budge.  Already broken 3 puller ends (luckily I'd made about 10 of them!).  Now know though that the answer is heat, some heavy whacks on the swing arm, more heat, another try with the puller, and repeat until it comes free.  Judging by the state of the seal on the RHS I think that axle is going to be a gonner.  The other give-away is wear marks on the ARB.

Have also removed the calipers ready for a rebuild.  Not going to install the rebuilt beam quite yet as also want to clean up & repaint/seal the underside of the car.  Have a stack of Dynax products for the job ...just need to find the motivation to crack on.  The thought of lying on an unheated garage floor when it's only 4 degrees doesn't fill me with joy though.
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Hi I have a compleat 306 XR that I'm breaking it has only done 10,000 from new and all the paperwork to prove it any parts??
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(12-10-2017, 06:04 PM)Mighty306 Wrote: Nearing the end with the beam rebuild now.  I got an aftermarket tube from Stef a couple of months ago.  It seems like a really solid piece of engineering and comes fitted with quality bearings and also comes with the other bits you need (cups & seals).  Stef also supplied me with some offset washers as Peugeot don't stock them anymore.  He's had some made up.

I finally got the swing arms to the local garage and had the new shafts fitted.  Then the brake caliper brackets got a clean-up and were refitted.

After several coats of paint in the standard colours I've put everything together temporarily.  All of the parts that normally corrode have had a healthy dose of anti-corrosion wax (Dynax S50) in the hope it won't rust itself together.  The torsion bars will have to come out again to set the height on the red car and I'll get the ARB end plates properly back on once I've done that. Smile

For anyone who questions the price of getting the likes of Stef to rebuild a beam to a high standard, don't.  There really is a lot of work involved.  I probably would do another one if needed but I'm very glad I didn't need it in a hurry!

So is this the Polish Reco tube as it looks decent quality 
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The tube was supplied by a guy in the UK (Stef from Axles by Stef on Facebook). I have no idea where he got it from I'm afraid. Seemed well made tho n came with SNR bearings. ( Bearings themselves were fitted to tube but other bits came in box).
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