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Group Driving Etiquette
Its all common sense but please read and take it all onboard:

Club Group Driving Etiquette

1) It’s not a race, it’s a convoy. You are representing the club and modified cars in the UK. Bear in mind if you have a crash while in a convoy you wont just be hurting your pride and joy but one of your mates pride and joys too.
2) The convoy should stick to speed limits and at a pace that is suitable for the conditions.
3) Depending on size of convoy, only 1 lane (the inside lane) should be used.
4) Try to stick as close together as poss while also keeping a safe distance.
5) If any public get caught up in the convoy, try to clear a path for them to get through and past.
6) Racing ahead of the convoy using slip roads, junctions or roundabouts only causes problems, you don’t NEED to be at the front!
7) Follow the convoy, not the person in front of you.
8) If the convoy is large and needs to use 2 lanes, DO NOT USE THE HARD SHOULDER or 3rd lane if on motorways to overtake. We’ll all get where we are going, just be patient.
9) If you break down, or get a puncture, hit your hazards and pull over, while signalling the car behind you to carry on. When someone breaks down feel free to stop and help if safe to do so and if your actually likely to be useful but it wont need the whole convoy.
10) Enjoy the convoy, enjoy the attention from other motorists and most of all Relax and go with the flow!
11) Staff may break out of line to take photos and record videos. Please do not think they are racing and do not break out of line to follow them. Its not a challenge. We are just trying to get footage of you all.

Hope we can all have a good time and I wish everyone the best of luck preparing for this years shows and events. Enjoy it folks!
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