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ml6 install on a hdi
ok so i am looking at putting a ml6 from a 307hdi in to the wreck,  is there anything i should look at befor hand small or big things that i may have over looked.

drive shafts have the smae spline count so may fit,  input shaft don't know about, length and dimentions was going to cross that bridge whene i came to it.

so any tips or info would be nice

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angle of engine in the 307 is different, to get the box to sit nicely and lift the shafts away from the subframe you may be better to tilt the engine up forwards to match.

driveshafts need shortening, use the ml6 rear internediate bearing carrier.

clutch and flywheel needs to be from ml6.

use a 206 master cylinder and mount it to the 306 pedal box, easier than making the 307 master fit.  rest can be 307.

fit the 307 gear cable setup.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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Yeah partly as above ...its cable shift and hydraulic.
Plus custom mount.
Plus need to chop the chassis leg from memory.

Be watching this though
Wishes for more power...
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oh yeah, the subframe will need clearancing for the diff, not so sure about the chassis leg, I know the ML5 sits under the leg but never tried the ML6.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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noticed on the ML6 i 'borrowed' there's no hole in the top of the gearbox for the crank sensor. Not saying this is the case for all ML6 boxes, but just be wary of possible different variants.

potentially run the same CPS setup as the RHR siemens engine but i didn't have a spare DW10 to test this theory.
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