Fuel pressure regulator removal

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Fuel pressure regulator removal
Hi guys 

I started to try and take out my fuel pressure regulator but became a bit stuck and wanted to ask for some advice. 

I've put some photos of it below as well. 

So my question is do I need to replace the whole fuel rail? 
Can I just remove the fuel pressure regulator - it seems to be cased in a plastic housing? So does replacing it mean I need to buy a whole new fuel rail (I think that's what it's called) 

Thank you for all your help!

More photos

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Pull the retaining clip out, give it a pull and twist motion if it's stuck.
You don't need to replace the fuel rail unless you manage to break the plastic.
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you where wright!

it was stuck, i had to get some pliers and wiggle it left and right up and down to get it out.

My car now runs mint and it doesnt chug 10x before starting up.

Side note -

the same for getting it out applies to getting it back in with the replacement.
because it deals with fuel at pressure it needs to be tight so if your having a hard time getting it in (WAY!)
then wiggle it about (WAY!)

thank you again,

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