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1999 Peugeot 306 Rallye
Time to put my road car up for sale, I fancy a change and am getting bored of looking at cherry Rallyes all the time! Smile I've had it for nearly 4 years and tried to keep it fairly original but with a few small modifications to make it a bit more fun for a country lane blast. As such it still has original things like frosted headlights, Rallye floor mats through, cone filter, Scorpion mid and backbox, and solid rear beam mounts. The exhaust has a really nice sound, not too loud and drone-y but when the windows are down it is incredible! I know the cone filter might not be to everyone's taste so I can throw in a standard air box although it needs a bit of a refurb, if the car sells for asking price. When I bought the car it had a cold air intake in one of the Rallye blanks although it's not actually connected to anything. I have some spare blanks I could also include if the car sells for asking price. The car also came with an E-tech strut brace and I've fitted solid rear beam mounts not long ago. 

Bodywork is all straight and true. As usual with these cars the paintwork does fade but it always comes up nicely with a good polish. It's had a respray in the past which is not great, you can see some blend lines. In all honesty its never bothered me so I've just left it. The Cyclones could also do with a refurb, I kerbed one once which I was a bit pissed off about!

The interior is really clean. The drivers seat has a little rip in the back, no bolster wear though. The other seats are all in great condition. Genuine Rallye mats front, rear and in the boot along with Rallye seat belt covers. The main downside is the radio. I've replaced it with a JVC KD-R741BT that has bluetooth, microphone etc. however sometimes it doesn't turn on. I think it's just a loose connection as over bumps it will briefly flick on but not sure and I don't drive the car enough to worry about it. 

I do about 6000 miles a year in the car and change the oil and filter every year. Gearbox oil was changed last year with genuine Pug stuff. Cambelt was changed just 100 miles ago along with the water pump, tensioner, aux belt, oil and filter, and the fuel filter. Wishbones were changed in December 2015, ball joints back in 2013. Gearbox mount was changed in August 2015, top engine mount in 2013 (with chassis welding). Brand new Kumhos were fitted on the front in January 2016, rears will need changing by the end of the year. I had the fronts balanced last weekend as they were vibrating a bit, wasn't sure the first place did it right. Mintex M1144 pads and discs fitted to the fronts in October 2014. 11 month MOT.

I'm waiting on a plate transfer for the car so it won't be available for a couple of weeks until the DVLA gets everything sorted but welcome for people to come and view the car.

Going to be really sad to see it go but time for something new.


[Image: SEY7SD8h.jpg]

[Image: zr51nUxh.jpg]

[Image: ZAqB5j7h.jpg]

[Image: OdxbGJmh.jpg]

[Image: RVAoQtih.jpg]

[Image: 6V54IIIh.jpg]

[Image: bgSFlteh.jpg]

[Image: fB1U6dHh.jpg]

[Image: tT6jOT7h.jpg]
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Bump, plates are all sorted so the car is ready to go Smile
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Would be interested but couldn't get any where close to 2k unfortunately
Diablo Hdi Dturbo and 205 1.9 project - it lives!
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Still for sale? Location?
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