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Rough Idle HDI
My 306 HDI sometimes has a very rough idle I can watch the rev counter flutter up and down slightly when at traffic lights etc. This happens when the car is fully heated up. It also seems to catch/hold revs for a second just after 1000rpm when coming to a stop. The airflow metre is unplugged.

Any advice?

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I have had that for quite a while. Sometimes it seems temperature related sometimes other stuff. I think it maybe the throttle position sensor.
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To be honest it doesn't bother me, I would just like to know what it is to set my mind at ease.
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Get the maf fixed...
Then get pp2k on it
Wishes for more power...
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I'd put my money on Fuel Pressure Regulator.

But get the MAF fixed too.
(16-05-2016, 10:45 AM)Toms306 Wrote: Oh I don't care about the stripped threads lol, that's easily solved by hammering the bolt in. Wink
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