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Warm Weather?
Hi guys, Has anyone ever noticed their car seeming a hell of a lot more lively when in warm weather? Mine seems to run much smoother, less throttle delay and much better pick up when its warm than cold. 
It seems like it should be the opposite but for some reason mines so much nicer to drive in hot weather. Specially once the temp gauge gets up to around 90c it really feels so much nicer to drive.

Any logic to this at all, or is the good weather getting to me haha?

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My injectors don't tap as much when it's warm weather for some reason. If I knew which one was knackered I'd change it but a new injector costs more than the car

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I thought these were supposed to run around 80 degrees, 90 sounds too high!
Smoother yes, but faster probably not.
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Nothing says where its supposed to run. Unless its in the red then I am not bothered haha.
In hot countries its not uncommon to see cars running just below the red on the needle. They aren't broken. Just are in very warm climates
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You want cold intake temps but warm coolant/oil temps for optimum efficiency. So as long as you haven't got a cone filter warm weather is usually better for HDi's as they don't like warming up lol.
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