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Club Improvements
So how are all these things getting on?

6 months since last updated can we have a progress update Smile
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obviously I wasnt admin 6 months ago but id say this is where we are...

@ Tag feature (in progress)
Requires fooby to do some work, implement and test before going live. Its not essential but its a nice to have.

Weekly Facebook project threads (complete)
Yes we have been picking a few projects out and posting. bash has lead this before he was even staff.

Club Magazine feature (in progress)
No idea what progress Niall made with this. We have had a good number of members cars in the mag especially the feature on Jamies SC 6. There should be pictures of the club at expo. And when I say the club I mean the four cars and members that were there. Unfortunately not many attended. Ive done some work with Dow and know some of the other magasine staff members so hopefully we can get something sorted in the next year.

PSA museum tour (Not Started)
No idea if any head way has been made but im sure we can arrange.

Club raffles (Not Started)
Our "resident begging moderator" now just our "resident beggar" may be so kind to try and get hold of some bits. Ill have to have a word. Again its hard to implement and would be better in person at shows etc.

Forum skin (in progress)
We are looking at a few new skins for the forum and will be installing these in the coming weeks for trial. A thread will be listed for you all to decide on the new default theme for the forum. We will try and leave a few themes so you all individually have a choice as to how your forum looks. 

New Mods? (complete)
Well new mods have arrived and many members I perceive to be key members of the community have left the staff team. They have by no means left the scene just for various reasons are no longer able to be staff. Obviously we will always have a few shake ups and its always under review whether we need more/new staff etc. I must stress that being on the mod team etc is a thankless job of editing posts, deleting spam and keeping a few miscreants inline. All club members are able to contribute and get involved with organising events.

Moderator clothing (in progress)
Im about to organise this. We can either arrange via the club shop or depending on numbers I can do a group buy on kit and then make them up myself as ive got a vinyl cutter and heat press.

Moderator focus on abuse towards new members (ongoing)
I dont think we have had any real issues recently. Having staff in visible club clothes will make it easier for new members to see who is who and talk to us at events. I certainly find it difficult to put cars to faces to names to usernames. 

Forum donation button (in progress)
Not asking for donations at this time but come show season there are a few things that need replacing and possible a new things to get. We are looking to redistribute club kit so there is always a feather flag and banners at events etc. A button on the forum shouldnt be difficult but again its a Fooby job which im sure will be dealt with in due course.

Clearer traders section (in progress)
Not sure what needs to change here. If youre a trader then the traders section is for you. I aim to reorganise some categories to make things clearer. Ill see what I can do with the traders section.

Spring/summer meet (in progress)
Already got a thread up for a lakedistrict meet. Hopefully we can get numbers and confirm beginning of next year!

Possible forum game? (Narp)
Realistically few of the staff members have the required skills and those that do are too busy and for this reason I would say its unfeesible. If anyone does want to make one then crack on.

New Photo uploader (in progress)
Is this still an issue? Its not great but im fairly sure the images arent sideways any more. Again its a Fooby job unless im feeling adventurous and feel like breaking the forum.

So in answer to your question Chris Im afraid not a great deal of progress but I hope you can see what we are trying to do. My favourite things for the next year will be the club clothing, stickers, lake district meet and the other shows. The christmas meet should be great. Ill talk to Niall and see if there are any plans for the PSA museum and hopefully we can get that done for 2017.

As always any questions or comments just get in touch by posting or PMing.
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Shame man, I appreciate you weren't an admin 6 months ago but you were a moderator and there was great enthusiasm for it then.

Is there reasons why nothing has happened, is it something us the members can help with?
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I can only put it down to people's time and enthusiasm. Hopefully we will have the good things I've mentioned which will make 2017 a great year.

If you focus on the good things we are still.thr most active French hatch forum of the era and we have some great projects of track, restoration and show car themes. Its a nice place to be but just needs these extra things to go the extra mile and make it even better.
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Multi photo uploads would still be a huge help :-)

But all else is nice n cosey
Wishes for more power...
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