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Weird noise when on idle
Basically I have a clicking noise when my car is on idle , it can be heard from the drivers side front wheel area but not from under the bonnet which leaves me to believe it's either something to do with a crank pulley it possible alternator  , don't suppose anyone has any tips of even had this problem 

That's ms Alex
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Have a look on youtube for videos of crank pulleys going, you'll know it when you hear it. Or take a video with the driver's wheel off and post it here so we can see the pulley running.
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I've just found a strange clicking on mine same place. Narrowed it down to power steering bearings. Found it by tipping water over each one in turn and it stopped when I watered the pump. Came back after a few seconds but at least I know what it is now. Just put some thick oil on it for now it's stopped but I'll need a new one soon.
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Just looked on YouTube but the crank pulley videos sound totally different but will get a video when I can and upload it
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