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My Dyno Results
Alright guys,

I went to Pro-Steve for a stage 1+ map a while ago. I have been to a dyno today to check all is running well and what sort of power I am getting.

What do you think to these results?

135bhp @3500rpm
240lbs   @2400ish rpm

[Image: maaw69.jpg]
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Decent result I would say
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Yeah, looks alright to me!
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Looks pretty damn good, your car can't have nearly as many problems as you think if it's going that well! Big Grin

Edit: Could you add your graph to the sticky thread at the top of the section please, cheers.
306 HDi Deathtrap - 130bhp / 220lbft

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Has turned out fantastic tbf. I am not sure how acurate the dyno was tbf but it's proving that it's got a good torque curve and decent power even if it is a little out Smile

Made me proud tbf haha
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