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Engine warning light
Well it finally happened - after 7 1/2 years the engine warning light has finally come on and stayed on.

The car is driving normally, fuel consumption is the usual and oil/water levels are good.

I did notice a couple of weeks ago that the engine idle is staying a bit high, but only when the ambient temp gets to about 10c.
Stop at a junction and it idles at about 1200, before slowly dropping to around 1000.
Other than that, everything is normal.

What are the most likely causes for an engine warning light considering the above info?


2002 1.8 16v petrol Meridian estate 79k miles
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at a guess, most likely the throttle sensor.
It goes, it stops (as reqd). Makeup
Hate Housework!
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Sounds like the ICV causing the idle issue. They don't usually bring on the engine light though.
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icv? whats that?
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Idle control valve.
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ah, just spotted, ita a petrol.
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