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Best Rear Shocks?
Hi Guys,

I need to replace the bushings on my avo rear shocks and seeing as they havent lasted long Im wondering whether its actually better to buy some different ones. 

Ive given it a quick google and it seems like the oem items are very good. Apparently Bilstein B4 isnt as good as OEM and B6 is stiffer than OEM. Ill probably end up putting a hybrid ARB in the rear in the future. What should I go for? Is the B6 going to be too stiff if i stripped a lot of the interior?

Are the adjustable gaz ones any good?

Sounds like bilstein with eibach springs is peoples answer to everything.
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quantify "best"

for most on here, o.e or anything bilstein will suffice.

stiffness is not the damper, thats the spring rate, damper just controls it.

I wouldnt choose avo from what ive seen on forums and experienced on a rally car I service for.

same goes for gaz also, very harsh feel to them and poor control, bilsteins that replaced them were a vast improvement, the zinc costing doesnt last either so they go rusty very quickly.

I have some 205 group a dampers which are probably a good 15 years old and whilst not as shiny as new ones they're not rusty.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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so the car is going to be used for weekend hooning and 2 hour track sessions at combe and track days and the like. Id rather have it more suited to track than road seeing as its not going to be a daily. I like to have a 50mm ish drop at the front which is why the coilovers were great as they provided that level or adjustability.
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Xsara vts rear shocks are great for fast road use/track work
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you match the damper to the spring, not what its used for specifically, though a harder cycled damper on the same spring will need to have more oil capacity for example in the case of a gravel rally damper, a high end race or rally damper wont be that different in construction.
need a part number? and will sort you out.
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hybrid ARB's are a waste of time as the upgrade in dia is very little, Dampers again it's a case of driving style and experience, std dampers will do fine for most or the Group N or A Bilstiens on the back for budget.
As always you pay for what you get, Only reason Gaz sells it's it's cheap and the logo's are on allot of Race cars which allot of them don;t even use
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Tbh I put B6 rear dampers on mine and noticed no difference at all. I definitely don't rate them. I like my spax adjustable ones but one is leaking after only 25k miles so can't really recommend them either.

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Have my b8 off me or buy some new if you want the shiny, they're great compared to b4 and oem i had on before. i reckon you'd have to spend mega $$$ to go much better. As a compromise for road / track can't fault when paired with some 21mm bars.

I'm going with some group N 205 dampers - dunno how they're going to work out yet, but will be interesting to find out.

not sure what to suggest regarding lack of weight on the back - might wanna have a brake bias to avoid locking up the rears to easily, not sure how much the auto adjuster thing makes a difference. piggy is ur man on that one, his rear wheels barely touch the ground due to lack of weight over them
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bilstein grp A's get my vote fitted some to a axle that i built for miles loved them since.
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Has anyone looked at getting KYB Ultra SR?
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