Grill smoothing guide, phase 2 and 3

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Grill smoothing guide, phase 2 and 3
So I thought I'd do a guide to smooth your phase 2 or 3 grill, I'll go into detail as much as possible as I didn't really find a lot of info when searching the Internet.
Stuff needed list
Phase 2 or 3 grill.
Sharp knife or dremel.
Fibreglass resin.
Fibreglass matting.
60/120 and 240 grit sandpaper.
400 wet and dry sandpaper.
Flexible bumper filler/car body filler.
Filler primer.

The grill in question.
[Image: image_zpseqi0qoox.jpeg]

Get your sharp knife and heat it up on your gas hob and slowly and carefully cut the badge recess from the grill.
Front after.
[Image: image_zpsjz0semwx.jpeg]

Rear after.
[Image: image_zpsho7xyujm.jpeg]

Scuff up back of grill with 60 grit as also seen in pic above so your resin and fibreglass can bite.
Fourth stage.
Apply two layers of masking tape to front of grill covering recess fully as neat as possible.
[Image: image_zpsu52zgcs9.jpeg]

fibreglass time.
Measure up fiberglass matting and cut to size, I used two layers for strength. 
[Image: image_zpsgzjfp48e.jpeg]

Mix resin and start by applying resin to backside of plastic around badge recess area using a paintbrush.
[Image: image_zpscldjeuxw.jpeg]

Apply fiberglass Matt straight after laying matting as flat as possible, pour resin ontop of matting then using your paint brush work the resin in and get it as flat and smooth as you can it will help after it has dried.
Leave grill in warm place overnight to dry.
[Image: image_zpsmzymuvwg.jpeg]

After being left to dry overnight peel your masking tape of the front, sorry the pic below is after I sanded with 60 grit to make the fiberglass lower than the plastic.
[Image: image_zps9toarf1s.jpeg]
[Image: image_zpslcpmyxme.jpeg]

Apply car body filler or flexible bumper filler to front face as smooth as you can then sand with 120 grit then 240 grit until your happy with shape, took me around 3 skims of filler before I was ready and happy to start primer stage.
Should end up with something like this pic below.
[Image: image_zpsch9xdhuv.jpeg]

400 Wet and dry filler and surrounding plastic to get the surface as smooth as possible making sure you leave plenty of time to dry afterwards.
Apply plastic primer then filler primer.
First coat of plastic primer and filler primer after flatting down with 400 wet and dry.
[Image: image_zpsl7zaarpc.jpeg]

Second coat of filler primer not yet flatted.

[Image: image_zpstei2qzvm.jpeg]
This is as far as I have got and probs won't get any further until I decide on colour, I hope this helps a few people out and I've explained enough.
Plastic welding would have been better but just couldn't figure out the best way to fill with plastic, was gonna cut another grill but it wouldn't follow the curve in the middle.
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Great guide. Hope it looks okay once sprayed
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