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Cabriolet hdi conversion
Right I am going to do a hdi conversion in the Mrs cabriolet it's a late phase 3 (52 plate) 1.8 and I have a phase 3 hdi(y reg) with multiplex 3 pin ecu. If I use the whole engine bay loom with the bsi and the chip would it all be a case of plug and play? Or is it easier to use a single plug loom and ecu.
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Me & a member of .Net done it a few years ago..
It's as simple as plugging the loom in yes!
We had to change a whole hoast of things including
Fuel lines Hdi ones are longer IIRC
Fuel cooler under chassis
Exhaust we had to mock up using Hdi-1.8
IMO it's such an easy conversion
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