Question about stage 1

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Question about stage 1

Been using search, but havent found any answers that I feel safe with when it comes to my question. There is a few threads that makes me more confused as well. Where they talk about lda and such. Is that something I have to touch when only upping the boost to about 18psi, as darren shows in his vid?

Watched Darrens videos, and now I am wondering if after you've done the fuel pump and then the turbo, if you should come back to readjust the fuel pump again? Or is it set as it should be as soon as its adjusted to not smoke?

I want more boost, but its very important that I dont get loads of black smoke Tongue
Black smoke will draw to much attention from unwanted places. 

If I go for about 18psi, will that land me around 100hp?

Still have to check how much boost it has atm. Just prepearing for when Im going to do stage 1.

As I am not English, alot of the technical terms can be slightly confusing sometimes. I like to be 100% sure that I understood everything.

Thanks Smile
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18 psi will be around 100bhp, probably a bit more to be honest, the lda controls on boost fuel, extra fuel that is pumped when u are on full or part boost, where the lda is set determines when the fuel is pumped, the pump quite often needs lots of little adjustments to get the desired power vs smoke, have fun, 130 bhp is quite possible with a standard setup after stage 1 Smile
Phase 1 D-Turdo, K14@24 psi, De-cat, meaty backbox, Bosch pump, grinded LDA pin, duel air fed K&N =133.7bhp & 188ft/lbs
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Thanks alot for the reply Smile

Will do as Darrens vid says and then fine tune the pump again.
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Once you have a bosch fuel pump you should get a good gain from a stage 1 tune.

What you want to do is get a boost gauge on 1st and see what you are boosting.

Then turn your max fuel screw in half a turn.
Take out the LDA pin and turn to the steaper side( im sure there is a guide on this), and remove the white plastic washer from under the LDA pin.

Now go for a drive and check boost. If you are not boostin 18-20 psi yet and there is lots of black smoke on full power you need to adjust the wastegate on the turbo. If there is no smoke screw in fuel screw bit more etc etc.

And if you are boosting 18-20 psi and there is lots of smoke screw out the max fuel screw tiny amounts until smoke is barely there. Just a light haze on full power.

You want to control boost levels with the wastegate and not the fueling if you know what i mean.

Hope this helps.

Darrens vids are well worth watching and there are lots of guides on this forum

Check this link

                                                      HDI D'Turbo Daily Driver ---- XUD D'Turbo Project
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This is the best write up I have read. Thanks alot! Already fit i boost gauge, will see what boost I have later today. Got a bosch pump Smile

Darren doesnt say anything about the LDA pin, besides turning the boost compensator on the top of the pump, and the max fuel screw on the side. Do you need to do the LDA pin to get to 18-20psi?
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Screwing the compensator screw out just reduces off boost fueling to reduce smoke while not on boost.

No turning the LDA pin is not needed on a stage 1 but it helps reduce the amount you have to screw the max fuel screw. Which in turn reduces off boost fueling some more.

And the idle speed increases the mote you screw in max fuel. So the less you hav to screw it in, the less adjustment you have to make to your idle.

                                                      HDI D'Turbo Daily Driver ---- XUD D'Turbo Project
Thanks given by: Iaitoo

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