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Presumed Lucas Pump Leak
Hey guys, I think I have a pump leak but I'm not quite sure.

Engine has been sitting for a while. Started occasionally. Before it sat I adjusted the off boost and on boost fuel pressure. Other than that nothing else.

After fitting the plug from Pioneer DJ Paddy (thanks again) It's got a fuel leak.

Its not from the on boost plug or basically anything I can see without taking of engine accessories.

Its not from the injectors in the block or the lines going to the block. It doesn't seem to be where the lines contact the pump but I've just stuck my fingers over them to feel for drips. Is there any lines under the pump or something else could be leaking? I'm just now having a look at some diagrams to see if I can diagnose it myself but hopefully you guys might be able to help.

Is it possible that I've over fueled or made some other maladjustment causing the leak?

All I can tell is there is diesel leaking down the front of the sump and it seems to be coming from somewhere under the pump.

Thanks for your time.
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Quite possibly the seal where the pulley goes
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(10-09-2015, 06:06 AM)Seb_Ryan Wrote: Quite possibly the seal where the pulley goes

Thanks I'll check it out.
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It's almost definitely a seal somewhere on the pump. Time for a Bosch.
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Take that pump off and kick it into the nearest skip lol put a bosch on and problem solved bosch is a better pump any way :-)
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